Let’s Go

Let’s go on an adventure. Seriously. Let’s go! You’re too busy? With what? Cleaning the dishes? Doing the laundry? Stop making excuses.


I am not very good at doing the same things every day and every weekend. Sit around? Relax? Clean? I get so tired of relaxing! That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Well it does to me, so just go with it, alright? One of my favorite things is finding adventures where I don’t have to be a hurry or worry about anything. Jake and I have found that one of our favorite things to do on Saturdays is hike. Not hiking like the serious people, but hiking to relax, enjoy each other, enjoy nature and sometimes watch each other trip over sticks! Ha!


We usually get up early (or try to), head to a place we have never been to and take off walking. ALL. DAY. LONG. Sometimes, it doesn’t last that long because we don’t know which trials to go on or how long it will take, like this weekend. Yesterday, we went to Arkansas, we arrived around 11, and upon recommendation, started on a 2 mile hike. It only took us about 2-ish hours to complete but at that point it was 1pm and the other trail was about 5 miles long and we weren’t sure what we wanted to do. Instead of having to hurry through the next hike to get out before dark, we decided to take off and drive. We drove through the mountains of the Ozark’s with the top off the jeep and no GPS and rarely having cell service! Who doesn’t want cell phone service? This girl, right here. I wanted to climb a mountain and spend time with my husband, not text my day away.

There is something rejuvenating about going on an adventure. You get to discover parts of yourself that you’ve never known before. I found out that I was actually slightly afraid of heights, who knew? Jake found out that driving is sometimes worth what’s down the road a little ways. Do yourselves a favor and find adventure. Whether that’s going canoeing, riding a bike in through the city, going on a hike, or just touring a place you’ve never been. It’s one of the best things my husband and I do for our marriage. We get to chat about silly things and learn how to spend time together without speaking, just enjoying each other.

Let me know how you find adventure in this crazy world!



With love,